About Bakuchiol Lipocaps

Our Lipocapsules are highest purity cosmetic Bakuchiol encapsulated in a natural phospholipid.
The sparely water soluble and easily oxidized Bakuchiol is, through the encapsulation, stable and suitable for oil and water systems.

The approximate particle size is less than 20nm.

Our Bakuchiol Lipocapsules are natural and vegan and have a shelf life of 1 year.

Science behind the Lipocapsules:
The phosholipids interact with the surface of the stratum corneum being involved in the process of skin formation and skin renewal.

Having a very small size (below the size of a virus) the encapsulated Bakuchiol is transported deep into the skin and is then released only.

The efficassy is therefore much higher compared to „normal“ Bakuchiol.

Formulation advantages:

  • Can be formulated in the water or the oil phase
  • pH and shearforce tolerant
  • Best added at the end of the formula